FlyTube A New Way of Watching YouTube Videos

So What is FlyTube ?

Alright let’s say for example you are watching a latest music video on youtube then all of a sudden a notification pops up from your friend and  you have to reply to your friend by closing the youtube app    well that might be very annoying moment for you if you don’t have high end samsung note series smartphone bcoz these note series from samsung offers multitasking functionality. Well don’t worry with flytube you can actually watch youtube videos while doing something else in another app on any android smartphone. It is one heck of amazing app to watch YouTube Video’s. so with this app you can watch YouTube Videos on your android no matter which app your are currrently using you can enjoy Watching YouTube Videos  in a small window which will be all the time on top of your current App.

How To Use The FlyTube App

So the way the App works is pretty simple. Let’s say for example you wanna watch youtube video while using another app just hop on to youtube app and tap on share and select flytube  and boom you will see a floating video floating on top of the current app.  you can use this app while browsing on chrome and using playstore or any other app you desire.
One last interesting thing about this app is that you can even watch a freaking youtube video even on your lock screen of your android.

How to get FlyTube app

Unfortunately flytube is not available on play store So to download the App click on the Download Button Given below and download the flytube apk


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