15 Cool Whatsapp Tricks And Tips That You Should Know

cool whatsapp tricks

Cool WhatsApp Tricks & Tips Ultimate Guide

There are a large number of users using WhatsApp all over the world. In fact, You will be shocked by knowing that there are more than one billion WhatsApp users using WhatsApp daily. However, there are some WhatsApp tricks, features, and tips to make you WhatsApp chatting easier and better. From This Article, You will come to know some amazing cool WhatsApp tricks which you might not know. Maybe some of you guys are aware of these tricks if you are a tech savvy. But some people might not know some of these tips and tricks which are really awesome and are listed below.

1. How to Send Single Message To Multiple People in WhatsApp


if in case you don’t know WhatsApp has an amazing feature with which you can send the same message to a number of people without the recipients. This option is especially useful for greeting all your friends on the occasion of NewYear, Christmas or any other festivals. To start using this you just need to click on Options > New Broadcast and enter the names of the people or their number to whom you wanna send the message. You’ll be able to see the people who opened your message. what’s interesting here is that You will get a response from them separately .

2. Stop WhatsApp Media Auto Download in WhatsApp

whatsapp tricks

A lot of people are annoyed by the WhatsApp auto media download feature but don’t worry i have cool whatsapp tricks to get rid of these kind of problems. Trust me it is very annoying – especially if you’re part of a group that insists on sending hundreds of images of memes and jokes every week. Those images can clog up your library and consume your valuable memory space, and could be downright embarrassing if they end up in front of the wrong pair of eyes.

In order to stop this and get rid of these problems. You need to tap on Options and go to settings and then data usage under that you need to select the  media download and just tap on When Using Mobile Data When Connected to Wi-Fi, andWhen Roaming and uncheck all the boxes .

3. How To Make Conversation Shortcuts

whatsapp tricks

Generally, when you use WhatsApp, If You chat most commonly with two are three people daily. whether it may be your bestie, your wife or maybe your brother. Then there is a WhatsApp trick for the people like you. This trick will help you to chat with them fastly without getting into the App. You just need to add a shortcut to the conversation on your device’home screen. which is very simple, you just simply open App and long press the chat icon which you want to add shortcut and select Add  to chat shortcut from the pop-up menu

4. How To Change background Image

whatsapp tricks

The background image of the WhatsApp is somewhat boring for us. So to change the background image just follow the instructions. Go to the Options > Settings > Chats > Wallpaper then you are able to change the background of your picture or any wallpaper you like or reload the original WhatsApp image.

5. How To Schedule Messages Via WhatsApp

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Some people are always forgetful and they go on searching when is their parents birthday or brothers birthday and so on but don’t worry, you have a solution, for this solution WhatsApp can help you.

This is nothing difficult, you just need to download the third party application called Seebye Scheduler ROOT which is available free on android (root is required), but for iOS users (Jailbreak is required for your iPhone) you should check out Message Scheduler for WhatsApp ($0.99 on Cydia). You’ll need either a rooted or jailbroken device

6. How To Maintain Privacy In WhatsApp Groups

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This is one heck of useful option for those who always secure their number when they are added to the group which contains a number of people. So in that group Someone may be a stranger to you and You probably don’t want everyone seeing your face and being alerted when you are typing. In this case, you should hide the last seen status, profile picture status, Read Receipts. In order to edit those, you should go to the Options > Settings > Account > Privacy and choose whoever can see your last seen and all in your contacts or none of them can see your last seen

7. How To Save Important Messages

whatsapp tricks

If you want an important message in WhatsApp.  you will generally go search for that message in your WhatsApp chat history. which is waste of time but instead of searching the particular message you want i will be showing some cool WhatsApp tricks with those tricks You can just store the messages by tapping the star icon which is present at the top of the screen. To see all your starred messages, click on Options > Starred Messages .

8. How To Mute Conversations

whatsapp tricks

If you are added to any WhatsApp group then obviously many people will keep on chatting at a time. Sometimes those messages are useful and sometimes we feel very annoyed. The main problem is if you leave the group then it may create a lot of misunderstanding or a big offense among your friends because some may feel bad. So to get out of this problem you should mute the chat. which can be done by tapping on Options > Mute, there will be an option to mute the chat for 8 hours or a week or a month. There’s also a checkbox which will allow you to disable its on-screen notifications .

9. How To Replace Your Old Phone Number With The New Number

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If in case you want to change your WhatsApp number,  well you can do that with some cool WhatsApp tricks. just follow the steps listed below

go to settings >>> Account >> Change number 

  1. Enter Your Old number and New number and tap on Done.
  2. Next WhatsApp will verify your new number through SMS or call according to your wish and that’s it your number will be changed

10. How To Set Up PopUp Notifications And Reply Directly From Your Homescreen on WhatsApp

new whatsapp tips

In incase you don’t know you can reply to the new notification directly from your home screen. Trust me this feature is a time saver because you can directly reply to your friend from your home screen without getting into the WhatsApp. To Enable Popup notification feature just follow the steps listed below

1) First Goto settings >> Notifications >> popup notification. There are lot of ways to set up popup notifications, just select one according to your wish .

11. How To Send an entire conversation in the form an email to anyone on WhatsApp

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If you want to send a conversation that is present in your chat history in the form of an email to your friend. Well don’t worry i will show you some cool WhatsApp tricks with which You can do that. Just follow the steps listed below

  1. First, select the person whose chat history you wanna send and just press and hold for few seconds then a popup will appear. From that popup just select Email Chat and send the whole conversation through Gmail with media or without media 

12. How To Use Less Data On Whatsapp Calls

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Generally making WhatsApp calls while you’re on WIFI Network is fine but what if your Out and using your mobile data plan to make calls through WhatsApp then App will eat up you Data balance like crazy because it needs lot of bandwidths but don’t worry just follow the steps listed below to use low data

  1. First Goto Settings>> chats & calls >> just select Low data usage and you are done.

13. How To Type Italic, Bold, StrikeThrough Text In WhatsApp

cool whatsapp trickswanna chat with your friend in different text formats ?  
Well ! To chat with your friends in different text format  just follow the instructions listed below

  1. For Bold Text >> Just add an asterisk sign (*) before and after the word (Example >> *hai*)
  2. For Italic Text >> Just add an underscore sign (_) before and after the word (Example>> _hai_)
  3. For Strikethrough Text >> Just add a tilde sign (~) before and after the word (Example>> ~hai~)

14. Backup your Chats on Google Drive or Local Storage/iCloud

generally, WhatsApp chat history can be backed up on your device’s internal storage but recently WhatsApp has rolled out a new update which lets you backup your chats on Google Drive for Android and iCloud for iPhone.

To backup your chats, go to Settings->Chats and calls->Chat backup and tap “Backup”. This page also shows you your last backup and its size.

cool whatsapp tricks

15) How To Hide “Last Seen” Timestamp

If in case you wanna hide last seen information to stay anonymous and never want others to know that you are online and chatting on WhatsApp then don’t worry I have cool WhatsApp tricks, just follow the steps listed below to hide last seen timestamp easily

  1. first, make sure that you are running the latest version of the WhatsApp
  2. Next to hide “last seen” info just Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen. here you can find three options, like hiding
    2)My contacts,
    3)Nobody. Just Select any one of them according to your wish.

16) How To Hide your WhatsApp Profile Picture

So if in case you are sort of person who doesn’t want anyone to spy on your WhatsApp profile picture of your WhatsApp then don’t worry i will show you some cool whatsapp tricks so that  you can hide your WhatsApp profile picture easily

  1.  first of all, make sure that you are running the latest version of the WhatsApp
  2. next, go to Settings > Account privacy.  Next, select Profile Photo,
    here you can find three options, like hiding your DP for
    1) Everyone,
    2) My contacts,
    3) Nobody. so now just select any of the three options according to your wish to hide your DP

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