Android Apps for Couples 

Apps for Couples

Android Apps for Couples 

A couple of lovers, staring at their smartphones or tablets, is now a common thing and a familiar sight in any cafe. It seems that thanks to social networks and the ability to constantly be in touch with the whole world, we forgot how to communicate with the closest people that we have in life. But in reality, everything is not so bad, and in order to prove this, we have found several applications that will help lovers to become closer to each other. 

Android Apps for Couples 


The history of this application itself is quite romantic: several developers from Canada were forced to temporarily move to California, while their friends stayed at home. Other gentlemen in such a situation would indulge in simple male joys and lead a carefree lifestyle, but not these guys. They quickly got bored, and after a month, they developed the Pair application, later renamed to Couple, for themselves and their girlfriends. 

The Couple app is a social network for two. With it, you can exchange audio and video clips, photos, text messages, and your location on the map; all messages are shown in chronological order and turn into a sort of a couple’s relationship diary. 

In addition to the basic features which you expect from an app like that, Couple has some other interesting interactive features. By using the application, you can share a list of to-do items, purchases, and reminders of important dates. Lovers who are not deprived of artistic talents can communicate in the format of synchronous drawing by moving their fingers across the screen – a picture will simultaneously appear on their devices. And finally, the most original feature that Couple has to offer is called Thumbkiss. If you activate it and put your finger on the display of your phone, a print will appear on the screen of the second smartphone in exactly the same place. When a second lover touches this print, the display will turn red, and the “kiss” will be accompanied by vibration and an audible signal. If you don’t have a person in your life to use this app with, then be sure to visit this dating site where you can meet Russian wives online. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like that. 

This application is completely free and is available to users of smartphones based on Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems. 


The motto of the Duet application may as well be the phrase “Let’s do it together!” By setting it up and linking your account with your partner’s account, you can share your offers with each other: go to a concert or a to go for a walk, have a party or a romantic candlelight dinner, read a book or watch a movie – in a word, do whatever comes into your head. The idea of a partner can be accepted, rejected, or offered in return for something of your own. 

As part of the application, you can exchange shopping lists necessary to prepare for an event, and share your impressions using text notes, photos, or video clips. So, even if you decide to go for a walk in a park while being in different cities, you can easily share your impressions of the walk with your partner. 

If there is a desire to spend time together, and there are no interesting ideas, Duet will come to the rescue. The application has several options for joint leisure, from simple ones (live chat) to completely crazy ones (open an underground nightclub for close friends). The only drawback of the program is that it is not translated into any other language but English. But I guess, if you are reading this article, then this will be of no problem to you. 

This application is completely free and is available to users of Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones. 


If the Couple and Duet make it possible to communicate with a beloved person who is far away, then the Fingle application is oriented at playful pastime with a partner who is at a distance of an outstretched finger. In this game, you need not to compete but achieve victory together while accurately coordinating your actions. On the playing field, that being the screen of your mobile device, there are chips of two colors. They need to be combined with moving or static targets of the corresponding color and held for a few seconds. If the finger loses contact with the screen or the chip is moved from the target, everything will reset, and you will have to start over. As the game progresses and the levels become more complex, the players’ fingers intertwine more and more closely and sometimes in completely unimaginable ways. The Fingle game will seem especially exciting at the early stage of a relationship when even an occasional touch of a lover causes a flurry of emotions. At the same time, couples who have been fed up and tried everything in the world will find a fun and exciting alternative to simply holding their hands in Fingle. 

The game costs only a dollar, but it brings a lot of fun. 

I Love You! 

This app is called “I Love You!” It is created for very busy lovers. In the schedule of modern life, it is difficult to find time to send a message with a story about how things are going to a person you love. To shoot a video clip or a photo will not work either: there is only a desktop with a cup of coffee and a computer, both in the frame and in your life. This sounds grim, isn’t it? I find it hard to disagree with this; therefore, what should you do to maintain the love and affection in your relationship while you are busy with work? 

When you install the I Love You! app, you are given a code that you need to give to your partner: thanks to it, you can connect your devices to each other. The screen will display two scales, giving an idea of the intensity of your feelings. Initially, both scales are filled, but over time, their level decreases; this is made in order to motivate you to act and show some attention towards your partner. To maintain this level at its max, you must periodically press the “I love you” button. Otherwise, your partner will soon discover that you have forgotten about them and will hear the alarm. This alarm will be the sign that your relationship has reached their lowest point, but, at the same time, maybe it will only motivate you to spark it anew; we hope that it will. 

The app is free, but the developer has provided the opportunity for in-app purchase of a completely unromantic, in our opinion, function. A dishonest user, for only 1 dollar a month, can acquire the ability to automatically maintain the “love indicator” at the maximum level. This, in our opinion, is the worst thing about this app; this makes it completely pointless, by purchasing this feature, you basically say to your partner (and yourself) that you value 1 dollar higher than your relationship. 

St. Valentine’s Cards Maker 

Programs for creating romantic cards with templates, sets of graphic elements, and pictures are great; but, as a rule, they look as if they were intended for elementary schoolgirls. It’s hard to call them cute. 

The application called St. Valentine’s Card Maker is one of the rare exceptions. Its visual design does not hurt even the most delicate of tastes. In a rich set of tools of St. Valentine’s Card Maker, there is a background editor, a text and font editor, a set of decorative elements, and the ability to upload your own photos. All this will help create an original postcard that will look stylish and unusual. 

You can send your declaration of love with a postcard made in St. Valentine’s Card Maker by email or publicly, through the social networks (these being Facebook or Twitter). Let everyone know about your tender feelings! 

The application costs only 2 dollars and is primarily intended to create valentines for St. Valentine’s Day, but it is quite useful of an app on any other day of the year; just imagine sending your girlfriend a romantic request to buy pet food on her way home. Now that’s what I call true love.  

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