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best android apps

Hey ! how are you guys? we hope you are doing well,  so we are back with a list of yet another best android apps this month on google play store. we dig into play store to find some useful and interesting android apps for you guys 

Anyfi – Free P2P WiFi

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Anyfi shares WiFi connections which mean with this app, you can automatically connect to nearby hotspots created by other devices and shares its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones. how cool is that right!

Notisave – save notifications

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so this is one of the useful app which will categorize all the notifications in one place to manage them effectively

Clean Share

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this is one of the interesting app which will help remove the tracking parameters of URL when sharing some sensitive stuff which you don’t want others to track.

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with this app you can create a virtual personal tag just like the social card for sharing all your social profiles digitally with a single tag. it is very useful for famous people to share all of their social media account details with one click



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as you know Bitmoji which is used to create a virtual avatar of your face in the same way this Boomoji is next level so now you can make your personal 3D avatar & emoji. Express yourself with a huge library of gif stickers and customize your own look with tons of outfit choices.

NetGuard – no-root firewall

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This app will act as the internet firewall just like a firewall that is found in typical windows PC’s, so with this app, you can decide which app to use the internet and which one should not use the internet in the background, in this way you can save the data of your internet plan.


Selvi – Teleprompter Camera

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if you are a Youtuber who shoots videos with your smartphone then  this app is for you, basically, with this app you can have a script written within the camera screen while recording and you can literally speak without any mistakes and bloopers

Scrittor – A simple note app

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Talking Photos

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Talking photos as the name suggest with this app you can Make your photo character sing, complain, laugh, seductive or just be plain weird!


Paletta – Smart color splash

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palette smart color splash will help you change the original colors of the image with AI(Artificial Intelligence), it is very easy to use and the results are amazing.


Kyte – Smart SMS Organizer, Backup & Spam Blocker

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Kyte is an AI-powered SMS inbox with a number of intelligent features designed to save your time. This Smart SMS Organizer comes with an inbuilt Spam Blocker that is updated in real time. Users are only notified about important updates like online transactions, travel bookings, and banking alerts. It gives you an easy option of SMS backup and restore on Google Drive. Kyte also comes with easy to use Banking APIs of all major banks. Users can easily perform balance check, fetch mini statements, change ATM pin and a lot more just using SMS.

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