Best Free Workout Apps To Stay Fit And Healthy

best free workout apps

There are so many fitness, workout, or health apps you can get on your phones these days, it’s hard to choose what you think might work for you. There is such a large variety that surely everyone can find the right fitness/health app that will suit their needs. You can get diet tracking apps that will help you track your macros and calories, a fitness app that will provide you with a workout to follow, and other kinds of fitness apps that can track your steps or help you set a timer and goal if you’re going on a run. Here are our best free workout apps and health apps, where everyone can find something.

  1. Sworkit

Sworkit app

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With this app, you can customize your needs and wants for a workout, and then find workout videos led by a real personal trainer that fit those qualifications. These exercise videos combine different kinds of training to make sure and workout every part of your body. With about 25 million users, Sworkit is definitely one of the most used apps out there.


  1. Lifesum

best free workout apps

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Lifesum is a super cool dieting app that allows you to track any kind of diet you’re on and your intake for that day. They will also recommend you a diet to try based on your preferences and goals. Lifesum also provides users with tips as well as reminders to stay on track with your diet and to keep logging on their app.

  1. MyFitnessPal


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This is another diet tracking app, but it is more simple and straightforward. With MyFitnessPal, you set yourself a goal weight, and then the app will adjust your calories and give you a goal for the day. Then you must track your daily intake and log your calories until you hit your daily goal. Simple as that. They also have a very friendly online community that you can partake in health discussions with.


  1. Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think

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If you are into meditation, or are thinking about trying it but unsure of yourself, then this is the app for you. This app is specifically an app to help you relieve the stress of your daily life through meditation and calm thinking. They also provide you with short yoga video recommendations to following before or after your meditation session.

  1. Samsung Health

Samsung Health

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Samsung Health is an all-around tracking app that you can keep an eye over every part of your healthy lifestyle with. Be it your daily diet intake, how many steps you’ve taken that day, or how many hours of sleep you got, this app provides you with that information and allows you to log your own info when needed. It also gives advice and recommendations if you are struggling with keeping on track with your healthy lifestyle.

  1. JEFIT Workout

JEFIT Workout

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JEFIT is a highly detailed workout training app. This app deals with everything you could think of when it comes to exercise. It can give you gym routines based on your personal specifications, and also provide you with great workout videos or routines that you are able to do at home. You can also track your workout and training progress with this app and see how far you have come in your training after a few months. The greatest part of this app is that most of their workout routines can be downloaded, so you can use them anywhere you go, you don’t have to worry about not being able to workout if you don’t have Wi-Fi access.


  1. 7- Minute Workout

7- Minute Workout

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For anyone who thinks they are too busy to get fit or workout, this app is here to prove them long. Everyone can take a 7-minute break during the day, and in this 7 minutes, you can get a full-blown heavy-hitting workout that will get you fit, albeit slowly. The 7-minute workout is a scientifically researched and produced workout that allows you to spend only 7 minutes a day exercising. People have seen great results with this app, though it does take longer than many other programs, the results are long-lasting and worth the wait.

  1. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club

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Great quality, hardcore workouts is what you will find on this Nike app. They have every kind of workout routine you could think of, and for every level of experience too. This is not an app for someone who wants an easy 5-minutes workout, but for someone who is seriously ready to sweat and exercise like a beast with a great workout personalized for their needs. You’ll basically be able to have your gym in your home with this app. The app is your personal trainer, and you’ll be working your butt of just as you would with a real trainer.

  1. Home Workout

Home Workout

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Building serious muscle may seem impossible if you have a full schedule that makes it hard for you to take time to yourself and to exercise. But, with this home workout app, you can get a real 6 pack in just weeks. They have formulated special workout routines that will only take you a few minutes during the day to give your muscles a super, core-wrenching workout that will have you seeing results very soon. You can even to these routines during your break at work as they will only take you a few minutes to complete.

  1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

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30 Day Fitness Challenges are a great way to get in shape and build your stamina that only takes a few minutes a day. With this app, you can join and select challenges you want to join, and follow the plan they have set up for you over 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, you have been doing the challenge, results will be guaranteed as long as you keep on track with the daily challenge. You can log your daily challenge on the app so you are sure not to forget it and keep on top of the workout.


“Bonus” Best free workout apps

  • Runtastic Results Bodyweight Workout & Fitness

Runtastic Results Bodyweight Workout & Fitness

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  • Keep – Home Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach

Home Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach

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So these are some of the best free workout apps that we found quite popular on play store. we hope you found the app you need from the above list

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