Best WIFI Tether Router App

WIFI Tether Router App

► If you love to share, and you’d want to share your internet connection with friends, you could really use the WiFi Tether Router app.

► The WiFi Tether Router App can transform your Android mobile or tablet device into a WiFi hotspot.

► The main feature of this app is to provide you the tool to share your mobile internet or data connection with other nearby devices as you desire.

► WiFi Tether Router app can be very versatile in various situations in which the other devices need an internet connection. As we know, most mobile carriers have certain limitations on WiFi tethering. Not to mention that some cellular providers’ contracts can be such hefty expenses for most users. With the WiFi Tether Router, you can help yourself and other people surrounding you to get a decent internet connection.

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Additional Features Of wifi tether router App

► WiFi Tether Router Android app can help you enable WiFi tethering on your phone and share the current mobile data bandwidth without paying any extra charges to the cellular provider. Imagine that you just need to pay a single cellular contract connection for various devices. So, for instance, you have a cellular contract in a phone A. You could share the connection with the Phone B, C, D, and others without having to pay an additional fee. You just need to pay your subscription for Phone A.

►  If you are fond of WiFi tethering then you must be interested in the best WiFi tethering app for your phone.

►  WiFi Tether Router App is developed by Italian based mobile app developer, Fabio Grasso. With this app, a million users around the world are able to turn their mobile device into a WiFi router in just seconds. You just need to tap few buttons and VOILA, your device will be WiFi router, simplified.
What you need to do is to open the app, then tap on the “Activate WiFi Router” button. That’s it.

► Then you will be able to use the internet on your laptop, other cell phones, or any other Wifi-enabled devices.
There are certain abilities that can pump your gear up with this amazing app. Here are the things:

  1. Create your WiFi network name in SSID
  2. Modify the WiFi channel number
  3. Select your own password encryption type
  4. Add custom password for the WiFi hotspot
  5. Freedom to show/hide the WiFi Network name
  6. Option to choose who can join with your network

Complete real-time statistics of the data sent and received through tethering
WiFi Tether Router is indeed simple to use without any complex procedure. You could just simply configure your own hotspot by naming your personal network, in advance. This narrative is located under the “Configure Router Wifi”.
Then the next thing you do is just selecting “Enable WiFi Router” to begin the web surfing from the secondary device or your laptop/PC. That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

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