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4 Free Best Android Apps For Monitoring Useful Android Stats

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4 Free Best Android Apps For Monitoring Useful Android Stats

Hai Folks ! so in this article we are going to take a look at some of the Free Best Android Apps For Monitoring Crazy Android Stats on your android device

Checky >>  Google Play store Link

Have you ever wonder how many times do you check your smartphone daily. well if you don’t know don’t worry because this app will let you know how many times  you have checked your smartphone daily

[appbox googleplay com.calm.checky&hl=en]

Internet Speed Meter >> Google Play store Link

Next, up we have internet speed meter so this app will display  your internet speed in status bar and shows the amount of data you have used daily . This app will also  help you to monitor network connection anytime while using your device.

[appbox googleplay com.internet.speed.meter.lite&hl=en]

Callistics >> Google Play store Link

Here next we have Callistics this app will track all of  your call logs history more efficiently than your phone’s inbuilt call log with advanced functions like specific day chart, the number of incoming and outgoing calls and messages for the day etc. Not only tracking calls and messages this app will also let you know how much data is used by each application like youtube , Instagram, and facebook etc. Which is pretty cool feature in my opinion

[appbox googleplay cz.mobilesoft.callistics&hl=en]

Data Usage Monitor >> Google Play store Link

Next we have data usage monitor so this app is specially dedicated to monitoring how much data you are using daily but the interesting thing here is that this app will  pop up warnings when you are reaching the data traffic limit that you have set according to your mobile data plan, which protects you from over usage of your data  

[appbox googleplay]

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