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GB Whatsapp Download APK

Gbwhatsapp apk download

GB Whatsapp Download

► One of the useful features of this app is that you can use two WhatsApp applications of WhatsApp in the same Android device

► It is similar to another popular WhatsApp messenger alternative WhatsApp plus 

GB Whatsapp Download APK

Version: 6.85
Size: 34.7 MB
Min Android Requirement: Android 4.0 (KitKat) & Above
Uploaded: 16 Nov 2018

Download GBwhatsapp APK

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Complete Useful Features of GBwhatsapp are Listed Below 

Gb whatsapp APKMore About GB Whatsapp

 Let’s admit the fact that the Whatsapp is an amazing application that actually needs no modifications and changes. But if you are someone who is always looking for a change and who loves to try new apps even if there are risks related to it then yes you can opt for this app.

What Is GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp Download is a modified version of the original Whatsapp APK and it was created by a senior xda member, Rafalete. This App uses the same protocols and license of the original WhatsApp, the only difference is in its UI and there are some extra features and functions added in it.

Legality Of GB Whatsapp

Now, a lot of people might be thinking about their data, security of messages and the legality of this application. Well, there’s nothing anyone can say about the legality of this application and its security too because in 2012 this app was available on the play store but after a DMCA takedown, the GB Whatsapp was removed from the play store. You can still download it from DroidApkBuzz but there’s nothing you can say when it comes to it being legal. Here’s a video you can see for the Whatsapp plus review

How Is GB Whatsapp Different From The Original Whatsapp?

The difference basically just lies in the UI and the features, the protocols etc still remain the same. Some of the major changes in GB Whatsapp 2018 are;

1-Addition of visual themes

The addition of visual themes and colors can be an appealing factor to many but for most of the people, it looks really weird to have your Whatsapp all filled with colors. On the other hand, there are somewhat around 700 themes to choose from and all these themes are completely free to download.

2-New Emoticons

Emoticons are just amazing especially due to the fact that they can make our conversations more exciting and can add emotions to them. Well, if you think that the original WhatsApp lacks those emoticons that you need then you need to opt for the GB Whatsapp application as it has a lot of emotions that too from Google Hangouts. The downside to this is the fact that only those people can see these emojis who have installed GB Whatsapp in their phones. If you both are using different versions of Whatsapp then that can be a problem for you.

3-Edit file sharing options

The biggest benefit of GB Whatsapp is that it allows you to edit and decide the length of a video yourself. The original Whatsapp doesn’t allow people to send a video more than a limit but that’s not the case with GB Whatsapp Download and here you can easily edit and send your files just as you like it.

GB Whatsapp Download APK
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  1. It’s amazing app ylll

  2. sufiyan

    very baad aap

  3. Jeremy

    Is exelent

  4. Nabachwa

    This version 6.85 cant allow the change of themes

  5. Japheth Bawa

    Can you please add chat history backup to google drive like in official whatsapp

  6. Nikkie

    amazing app

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