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my boy apk

My Boy Apk : is one of the best Game Boy Advance emulators on the internet. Gone are the days where you seek the old Game Boy technology in this modern time since you are now able to use the emulator from your favorite device.

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Size: 4.7 Mb
Version: (Latest)
Min Android: Android 4.0 +

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My Boy Apk Description

With the advancement of technology, now it is possible to make an emulator of older devices, including the Game Boy Advance. My Boy! App is the solid proof of the possibility. You may have browsed around the vast array of Game Boy emulators out there, but no one can offer the features like My Boy! App.

Amongst the fellow emulators, the My Boy! App is the high-profile software. It has all the features that the Game Boy users have been expecting from the adequate app emulator.  With this app, you can enjoy the gameplay at up to 60 FPS on medium-end devices. The great thing here is that the specifications are not demanding so that you can reach that quality.

In the emulator settings, you will find a lot of options which can enhance the gaming experience such as the layout, size, transparency, and the selection of on-screen buttons. If you are up to hardware functions, the My Boy App also provides the IME controller support.

For the free version, you are only able to save the game through in-game. Meanwhile, you could pay $5 for the full version. It has tons of features that other emulators don’t have. The paid version of My Boy App has what the emulator enthusiasts need to play such nostalgic games. You can also connect to another player with the Bluetooth connection.

There have been tons of requests from folks to bring the best Game Boy emulator, and we already have the My Boy App. If you are still stuck with the old-fashioned emulator that make you go nowhere, then it is the right time to turn to My Boy! App.

The My Boy! Apps allows you to run GameBoy Advance games on through various Android devices. As mentioned, the “medium-end” smartphones will be able to handle this. You can also install it in your tablets to experience the more considerable screen experience. It does more than just emulating the primary Game Boy system. By using the full version of My Boy App, you will be able to save your progress at any time and return to the specific pace instantly. It is something that you can’t get in other emulators. So, what are you waiting for? Download and install My Boy! App now.


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