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5 New Best Android Apps For The Month Of June 2016

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5 New Android Apps For The Month Of June

Hello Folks ! so in this article, we are going to taking a look at some of the new android apps  For The Month Of June 2016

1) Smart Wallpapers >>  Google Play store Link

Smart Wallpapers offers tons of High-quality HD Wallpapers with different patterns, and designs.  you can even customize your wallpapers according to your wish. The reason why this app is called as smart wallpapers because it has got some nifty interesting smart features like displaying the CPU indicator,  RAM indicator, Battery indicator, Walking time indicator, Steps indicator, Calories indicator  and what not. Over all this app offers a lot of nifty useful features along with some decent HD wallpapers.

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2)  Agenda Calender Widget  >> Google Play store Link

Agenda is a beautiful calendar widget which offers modern minimalistic calendar design for your android device. It can be Synced with Google calendar.  it can display some useful information like calendar events,  friend’s birthdays, the weather forecast for upcoming days, and the important dates and events that you  would like to show.

[appbox googleplay com.candl.auge&hl=en]

3) Music Alarm Clock Sleep Timer >> Google Play store Link

So Music Alarm Clock Sleep Timer is an alarm app but not just an alarm app but instead, with this app, you can add your own music to set as your alarm tone, but the interesting thing here is that with this app you can even use your Bluetooth speaker, wireless speakers or network-connected DLNA or UPnP hifi to wake up.

[appbox googleplay me.sleepcast.alarm&hl=en]

4) Playbook for Developers >> Google Play store Link

If in case you are an android App developer and looking for some tips and tricks to expand your app business then Playbook for Developers from Google is the best place to find the  latest Android features, tips, best practices that will help you develop and launch your app, engage and grow your audience, and earn more revenue from Google Play

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5) Footej Camera >> Google Play store Link

Footej Camera is an awesome camera app with useful camera controls like Focus and exposure. It has got Simple and bloat-free user interface. You can even record slow-motion video with this camera app. The app also offers Integrated Gallery and Slider

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so these are some of the new android apps for the month of the June, stay tuned for more coming soon on our website

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