5 New Best Android Apps For The Month Of June 2016

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5 New Android Apps For The Month Of June

Hello Folks ! so in this article, we are going to taking a look at some of the new android apps  For The Month Of June 2016

1) Smart Wallpapers >>  Google Play store Link

Smart Wallpapers offers tons of High-quality HD Wallpapers with different patterns, and designs.  you can even customize your wallpapers according to your wish. The reason why this app is called as smart wallpapers because it has got some nifty interesting smart features like displaying the CPU indicator,  RAM indicator, Battery indicator, Walking time indicator, Steps indicator, Calories indicator  and what not. Over all this app offers a lot of nifty useful features along with some decent HD wallpapers.

  • Smart  Wallpapers Screenshot
  • Smart  Wallpapers Screenshot