Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Quick Shortcut Maker APK

► Quick Shortcut Maker APP will help you to make shortcuts of hidden settings on the home screen of your android device which are not available to access from the app drawer, this allows you to choose the activity without lagging even though you have many applications installed on your device. It’s not only about choosing the activity, you can also use the Quick Shortcut Maker android app for searching the app you want to open.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK Below

App Name Quick Shortcut Maker
Size 2 MB
File Type APK (Latest)
Category Android Apks
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Quick Shortcut Maker APK

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Quick Short Maker App Description

► Quick Shortcut Maker is an official application developed by sika524. this app certainly useful and helpful to support your UI personalization. However, the developer warns everyone to “use it at your own risk!”. It’s due to the fact that Quick Shortcut Maker android app works by making shortcuts through inaccessible hidden setting, which you know, why they’re inaccessible in the first place. The developer doesn’t take any responsibility for any problems you encounter as you’re using the Quick Shortcut Maker android app. Some bugs and lags may appear on generated shortcuts and the UI.

► Despite the flaws, Quick Shortcut Maker is a reliable personalization app which satisfies most its users. The developer put a high concern on the app improvements. The recent version requires an additional permission to access network only for sending error reports.

► This little does a big help especially when you’re using various apps to support your activity. It’s not a secret that not easily finding your desired app is a stressful yet annoying experience. It’s due to the fact that you may don’t have the shortcuts for apps which are rarely launched. You ‘ll have to scroll up, down, left, and right, opening each folder just to find the app, you still hardly find it even though you know the app name. The Quick Shortcut Maker android app allows you to find any app without difficulties.

► There are three tabs on the UI including activities, apps, and favorite. In each tab, you can input any keywords or incremental search to find your desired app or activity. The Quick Shortcut Maker android app also allows you to choose among tens of theme. Then you may set your own activities or apps on the widget. It may take some efforts to create shortcuts based on the app links, but you’ll find the way. This way, you can launch your favorite apps and activities faster.

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