SixAxis Controller App Play Games With PS Controller

Sixaxis Controller app

Sixaxis Controller App will Allow You To Play Games On Android  With PlayStation Controller

The Sixaxis Controller is one of the most widely recognized gamepads. Developed by Sony for their line of PlayStation 3’s (and compatible with their PSP’s), the controller is synonymous with functional console gaming. So, it’s no surprise that people would want to use these controllers for other forms of gaming. The Sixaxis controller is completely compatible with Windows. You plug it in, Windows installs the drivers, and you’re good to go. With Android smartphones, this process is a little different.

Sixaxis Controller

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Playing games on a smartphone can be difficult. The screens are too small, the controls on screen aren’t intuitive, and this struggle can take away from the game you’re trying to play. Controllers are more functional. They fit easily in your hand, and most of us have grown up using enough controller’s that you don’t need any education on how the controller works. What you do need to know is how to pair it to your phone. That’s where the Sixaxis Controller App comes in.

Before attempting to connect your controller, check to make sure that your device is compatible. There is a free app called the Sixaxis Compatibility Tracker, which will let you know if your phone is capable of pairing with the controller.

About Sixaxis Controller App

The Sixaxis Controller App is compatible with several different controllers. The Sixaxis controller, PS3 Wireless controller, and the PS Move controller will all work with this app. Here’s the how to guide on setting up your controller:

  1. Plug in your controller to make sure it powers on.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Press the start button in the app. The app will use your device to check for Bluetooth compatible devices.
  4. You will need to manually pair your device and the controller. This may require the use of an outside app. These apps will show your phone’s Bluetooth address, and you will type that address into the app. (This step only needs to be done once.)
  5. Once your controller has paired to your phone, you simply need to unplug the controller and press the power button. It should blink several times and then the light will remain steady. If this happens, you have successfully connected your controller!
  6. On your device, tap the change input method button, and select the controller from the list of options. Your controller will now function in any apps or games that have support for key binding.
  7. If you wish, you can change the way your keys map to your controller in the application at any time. This only needs to be done if you don’t like the default setup. If you do, then there’s nothing else you need to do!

If you use the controller on a different device, you will need to do the connecting process oiver again when you use the second device, and again if you bring it back to the first device. However, if you never switch between devices, this is a one-time setup and you’ll always be ready to go. So get out there, and take that Sixaxis controller with you!

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