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SMS Bomber Apk

SMS Bomber Apk

SMS Bomber APK ► When you buy a smartphone and sign up with a provider you get to send text messages. The proper name for this is SMS or short message service. General smartphone users can usually send only one message at a time. 

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Size: 11.3 MB
Version: 3.06.2
Min Android Requirement: Android 4.4 (KitKat) & Above
Uploaded:  November 12, 2018

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SMS Bomber App features

► When you use an app such as an SMS bomber it can duplicate this same message and then send the message to more than one person at a time. You can download SMS Bomber APK with the download link given below and then send your SMS bomb using the text messaging service of your smartphone to another phone

► When you use an SMS bomber app this allows you to bypass the normal functionality of your text messaging service. Your cellular company does not provide any sort of SMS bomber service it’s something that you’re going to have to get as an application By installing an APK

How To Use SMS Bomber

You usually don’t need a lot of skills to use this sort of app. All you have to do is enter the phone number of the person that’s going to receive the message, the text message and then how many messages that you want to send them. The software works much like a normal text messaging service, all you have to do is enter the number of duplicate copies that you want to send instead of just one message to the recipient. Some apps will allow you to send an unlimited text so you have to be careful about the number of messages that you enter in. The messages that you send will show you as the sender so you don’t want to use this to trick someone or to send spam messages.


Just remember that sending text messages can cost money if you don’t have a proper plan with your cellular provider. Your provider is going to charge you the regular rates for each text message that you send. If you send out more messages than your plan, then you’re going to be charged for these and this could be quite expensive if you’re sending out plenty of SMS bomber text messages.

Your Contract

if you use this sort of application you may actually be breaking the contract you signed with your cellular provider. Some of these companies may see this as an abuse of their services. If you send spam or engage in abusive messaging, some providers may cancel your service. If they determine that you have abused the messaging system by using an SMS bomber then you could lose your account status with them.

Caution is Advised

You can still use SMS bomber app but you should do so only if you take some precautions. Just remember that this can be seen as spam so you don’t want to send these messages all the time. You should also review the rules and regulations of your service provider to ensure you’re not breaking them because you don’t want to lose yourself your service because of her using this type of application in the wrong way.

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